Deadlands: 1879 Still Search'n

Metal Man


Journal entry – Metal Man.

July 8, 1979

                Got a letter from the home office asking for me to look for an automaton. I asked my new friends if they would help. To a bit of talking but they agreed, we headed out to where it was last seen, by night fall we came to a farm. A young boy met us at the gate, he said his name was John. As we talked to him about staying the night his mother had come out. A nice lady by the name of Isabelle. We had learned that the man of the house had gone away on a job 3 months ago and had not returned or sent any letters. She said that that the young lady and kid we have with us can stay in the house, everyone else is welcome to stay in the barn. After thanking Isabelle, we headed to the barn. Half way there we ran into the dam thing; the boy ran to it yelling for it to go back for some odd reason. The Automaton got very defensive. Took a bit of talking to but finally lowered its defenses.  The dam thing can talk, well as well as you would think a machine can talk. After getting a closer look at it I noticed it be shot up a bit. We talked to it a bit, it claims it is johns father, (that can’t be true though it’s a machine). We got it into the barn and I convinced it to let me look at it I opened the chest cavity to check the boilers. HOLY FUCKING SHIT ………………… there are piece of a body in here. Well maybe it/he is telling the truth. I didn’t think it was possible. Who the hell would do this to a person. I mean I know where it was made but I don’t think my father would sign off on something like this if he knew what they were doing. He tells us his name is John Sr. he went to Hellstrome and they did this to him. He ran from them but the only place he thought to go to was home. The dumb fool, thought I don’t blame him. <s>While sitting here chatting with him someone says they see people heading to the farm. They were people from Hellstrome. I convinced them that the Automaton was in here and that I saw tracks heading in a different direction. I asked to go around the farm as to not scare the family with their cannon, they kindly obliged. I headed back to the barn to speak with John SR. while talking to him and telling him how long I think he as to live I let it slip that there where people from Hellstrome outside. He “stormed out side. We all went various places to see what was going on and protect the family. The automaton opened fire on then. The battle was over in the matter of moments. He had gunned them all down. I followed him out to where the bodies where I told him I need to fix his boiler, I mentioned the Isabelle was in the and asked him to wait outside. As soon as I walked away I heard the cannon go off, I cringed. In the end he came into the barn and scared the poor woman. After calming people down, I got a better look inside and patch worked his boiler. Gave him about a month to live. I spent a bit of time talk to him and convinced him to let me well for lack of a batter term shut him down. The Paladin did his god thing and laid him to rest. Still can’t believe he can do shit like that. </s> After all, said and done I have a dead Automaton that I need to get back to Hellstrome, took his head as proof.



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