Deadlands: 1879 Still Search'n

The Auction

This all started when the little buckaroo, Patrick found a notice in the papers. The notice was for an auction of some ancient door stopper/altar piece, or some such. The little guy seemed wanna see it up close, and such like. Wantin' to give the kid the best education that I could, I'd promised that we could go see it.

It was in New York City, of all horrible places. Still, that's where we went. The train ride wasn't special, but I consider that to a good thing. No threats, so Patrick was safe. That's what matters.

Once we got here, it was only good for doxies and such. The auction house was full of interesting old stuff. I hope that Patrick was learnin' as much as he could.

The old relic that we got to check out was apparently a solid metal mass, with two similar, yet different sets of markings on it. The top and bottom markings were made at different times, the auction lady said. Having looked at it, I believe her.

Afterwards, I found out that the auction site had been moved at the last minute. Typical Yankee B*$t*r&$.Well, I was invested in seein' what was goin' on, so we went to the new site. 

The train ride there was only worth mentionin' cuz some idjot chucked Patrick's helpless Boo off the train, only fer Patrick to boot the jerk off after him. Good fer him, I says! Ya don't get away with traumatizin' kids like that. Kids is sacred. Anyone who hurts or threatens a kid is gettin' a free funeral from me! Especially Patrick. He is like the son I wish I'da had.

We got to the place, and saw the auction, the prices were unbeliveble !

It sold for thousands! The artifact we was look fer sold fer THOUSANDS!

Afterwards, we met some of the others who bid for the thing, including the winner. Some furriner, from France, I think. It's all a mess, as the item turned out to be an ash filled funerary urn, after all. I had though of it before, but was fooled into thinkin' that it was solid. Oh well.

At least everyone is alright.

More later, Bill Oaks.



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