Deadlands: 1879 Still Search'n

[Redmark's Log] Entry Four


Old Bill seemed interested in making sure that I was "lernin' somethin'", and proposed a trip to the Chicago Historical Society. It was not open today, though. The trip up into town was not wasted, though, as I saw an entrance to an area underground. Bill explained that this was where the people of Chicago kept the bodies of their Ancestors. This was fascinating to me. Bill seemed to think that it would be dangerous.

Bereft of our intended destination, Bill took me to the work board. While he tried to find gainful employ, I took notice of what all looked interesting. The one that stood out was a playbill. A pair of related and unhappy looking Irishmen frowned back from it. According to it, they were Joey and Billy McCrory. It also said that the pair had a long history of train robbing (whatever that is). The Damn Yankees had put a $5,000.00 bounty on each of them. That is very many cows of money.

While Bill was distracted, I found my way back to the 'necropolis'. I found it in a frightful state of disrepair. There was enough dust to leave marks accumulated on many of the surfaces. I could not stand it. I had to do something about it. It was long and tiring work, but at least one bough was now clean.

As it got to be late in the day, I heard two men approaching before I saw light from their lantern. They must not have been paying much attention, because though they stopped to admire my work, they did not see me. I decided that if people would be walking around at night and not cleaning, then I should leave. Who knows what they might do. Sleep came easily after an honest day of work.



Redmark wrote this.



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