William "Bill" Oaks

A tall man with a wiry build, blond hair and blue eyes.


Bill is a tall , wiry man of twenty one years of age. His blond hair is short enough to never interfere with his work. His blue eyes have seen too much already, yet have the gleam of Faith in them. His hands are scarred and calloused from years of hard work. His normal work clothes are simple and durable denim overalls and a rough wearing shirt. He wears a Stetson . His good suit is a Church Worthy affair, to be worn at Church and the like.

Deftness Nimbleness Quickness Strength Vigor
4d6 3d8 2d6 2d8 2d6
Cognition Knowledge Mein Smarts Spirit
4d6 1d8 2d10 3d6 3d12
Pace Size Wind Grit
8 6 18 0

Occupation: Undertaker
Joker (Black): None.
Joker (Red): None.
Mysterious Past: None.
Veteran of the Weird West: None.

Edge(s) Effect
3 Arcane Background: Blessed Allow the use of Blessed abilities.
Hinderance(s) Effect
0 Hankerin’: Alcohol The struggle now is to stay on the wagon.
3 Heroic Wuzzat? Yer cat’s stuck in a field o’ Prairie Ticks? sigh …’Kay, I’ll help.
3 Loyal: Posse Just can’t leave folks behind.
Skill Attribute # Roll
Artillery Cognition - (4d6)/2
Arts: Sketchin’ Cognition - (4d6)/2
Arts: Other Cognition - (4d6)/2
Scrutinize Cognition 2 2d6
Search {1} Cognition 2 2d6
Trackin’ Cognition 1 1d6
Academia: Any Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Area Knowledge: Home County (West Texas) {2} Knowledge 2 2d8
Area Knowledge: Other Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Demolition Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Disguise Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Language: English {2} Knowledge 2 2d8
Medicine: General Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Professional: Theology Knowledge 1 1d8
Professional: Other Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Science: Any Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Trade: Undertaker Knowledge 3 3d8
Trade: Other Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Animal Wranglin’: Any Mien - (2d10)/2
Leadership Mien - (2d10)/2
Overawe Mien - (2d10)/2
Performin’ Mien - (2d10)/2
Persuasion Mien - (2d10)/2
Tale Tellin’ Mien - (2d10)/2
Bluff Smarts - (3d6)/2
Gamblin’ Smarts - (3d6)/2
Ridicule Smarts - (3d6)/2
Scroungin’ Smarts - (3d6)/2
Streetwise Smarts - (3d6)/2
Survival: Any Smarts - (3d6)/2
Tinkerin’ Smarts - (3d6)/2
Faith Spirit 4 4d12
Guts Spirit 3 3d12
Bow Deftness - (4d6)/2
Filchin’ Deftness - (4d6)/2
Lockpickin’ Deftness - (4d6)/2
Shootin’: Pistol Deftness 2 2d6
Shootin’: Other Deftness - (4d6)/2
Sleight o’ Hand Deftness - (4d6)/2
Speed Load Deftness - (4d6)/2
Throwin’ Deftness - (4d6)/2
Climbin’ {1} Nimbleness 3 3d8
Dodge Nimbleness - (3d8)/2
Drivin’: Any Nimbleness - (3d8)/2
Fightin’: Shovelin’ Nimbleness - 2d8
Fightin’: Other Nimbleness - (3d8)/2
Horse Ridin’ Nimbleness 2 2d8
Sneak {1} Nimbleness 1 1d8
Swimmin’ Nimbleness - (3d8)/2
Teamster Nimbleness - (3d8)/2
Quick Draw Quickness - (2d6)/2
Notable Gear:
Clothing and personal items Backpack Stowed
Boots Bedroll Ammo: .45 Colt (50)
Duster Hatchet Lantern
Matchbox (100) Mess kit Pick
Gun Belt Oil, pint (5) Shovel (2) 2
]Canteen Skillet (iron)
]Hammer Suit
]Holster Shoes
]]Colt Peacemaker 1
Hat (Stetson) Money
Long-Johns C$150.75
Shirt (Dress)
Shirt (Work) (2)
Power Duration TN Range Speed
Armor o’ Righteousness 1 Round 5 Self 1
Consecrate Armament Next Sunset 7 Touch 1 Minute
Dervish 1 R/Faith 7 Self 1
Sanctify Permanent 11 Touch 1 Week
Protection 1 Round O Self 1

Colt Peacemaker 1 Shots: 6; Speed: 1; RoF: 1; Damage: 3d6; Range: TN: 10 yd. 5 (+1 TN/10 yd.)

Shovelin’ 2 Defense: 1; Speed: ?; Damage: 2d8+2d6


Bill is a man on a Mission from God. Having lost his wife and only child in the childbirth, Bill turned to drinking heavily. After a few months, a horrible thing happened, several of the dead clawed their way out of their graves. This included Bill’s dead wife, Rebecca.

Bill realizing what had to be done for the sakes of their poor souls. Bill did the hardest thing he’d ever done. He put down the corpse of his wife, and a few others.

After that, quitting the bottle was easy by comparison. Now Bill knew that he could not stay and grieve. He HAD to move along, putting the unquiet dead back to rest. Using his shovels, his bible and his faith, Bill set out from his small town to fulfill God’s Mission.

William "Bill" Oaks

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