A weasel and his pet.

Deftness Nimbleness Quickness Strength Vigor
4d8 3d12 3d8 3d4 4d12
Cognition Knowledge Mein Smarts Spirit
4d8 (1d8) 2d8 3d10 2d12
Pace Size Wind Grit
12 6 20 1

Occupation: Kid
Joker (Black): None.
Joker (Red): 7♠ (Eternal Hero).1
Mysterious Past: None.
Veteran of the Weird West: None.

Edge(s) Effect
3 Arcane Background: Shaman Allows a Guardian Spirit rating of 2+
0 Belongin’s {1}: Sacred Object Mother of Pearl Composite Bow Hardware
2 Brave Add +2 to all Guts checks.
3 Guardian Spirit: Bear {1} Provides an appeasement point pool of 3.
1 Light Sleeper Add +2 to Cognition checks to rise early.
5 Knack: Child o’ th’ Cat Special, see below.
1 Purty Add +2 to all Persuasion and similar checks.
Hindrance(s) Effect
3 Curious If it did that to the cat, imagine what it’ll do to you.
0 Hankerin’: Alcohol Bill Oakes persuaded Redmark to try medicine water. Once.
2 Half-Breed Bigots of both native and white societies are intolerant of Redmark.
2 Kid Reduced Knowledge and Strength die types.
0 Loyal: Tribe (Cheyenne) No brave is an island.
3 Old Ways Vow Redmark must shun the trappings of modern technology.
Skill Attribute # Roll
Artillery Cognition - (4d8)/2
Arts: Other Cognition - (4d8)/2
Arts: Sketchin’ Cognition 1 1d8
Scrutinize Cognition 2 2d8
Search {1} Cognition 1 1d8
Trackin’ Cognition - (4d8)/2
Bow Deftness 2 2d8
Filchin’ Deftness 4 4d8
Lockpickin’ Deftness 2 2d8
Shootin’: Any Deftness - (4d8)/2
Shootin’: Other Deftness - (4d8)/2
Sleight o’ Hand Deftness - 2d8
Speed Load Deftness - (4d8)/2
Throwin’ Deftness - (4d8)/2
Climbin’ {1} Nimbleness 2 2d12
Dodge Nimbleness 2 2d12+1
Drivin’: Any Nimbleness - (3d12)/2
Fightin’: Other Nimbleness - (2d8)/2
Fightin’: Wrasslin’ Nimbleness 2 2d12
Horse Ridin’ Nimbleness 3 3d12
Sneak {1} Nimbleness 3 3d12
Swimmin’ Nimbleness 1 1d12
Teamster Nimbleness - (3d12)/2
Quick Draw Quickness - (3d8)/2
Academia: Any Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Area Knowledge: Home County {2} Knowledge 2 2d8
Area Knowledge: Other Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Demolition Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Disguise Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Language: Algonkian {2} Knowledge 2 2d8
Language: English {2} Knowledge 2 2d8
Language: Indian Sign Knowledge 1 1d8
Language: Other Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Medicine: General Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Professional: Any Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Science: Any Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Smoke Signalin’ Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Trade: Any Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Tribal Customs: Cheyenne {1} Knowledge 1 1d8
Tribal Customs: Other Knowledge - (1d8)/2
Animal Wranglin’: Other Mien - (2d8)/2
Animal Wranglin’: Weasel Wranglin’ Mien 2 2d8
Leadership Mien - (2d8)/2
Overawe Mien - (2d8)/2
Performin’ Mien - (2d8)/2
Persuasion Mien 3 3d8+2
Tale Tellin’ Mien 2 2d8
Bluff Smarts 2 2d10
Gamblin’ Smarts - (3d10)/2
Ridicule Smarts - (3d10)/2
Scroungin’ Smarts 2 2d10
Streetwise Smarts 2 2d10
Survival: Any Smarts - (3d10)/2
Tinkerin’ Smarts - (3d10)/2
Faith {Bear} Spirit 1 1d12
Guts Spirit 3 3d12+3
Note: The Algonkian language family is used by the following tribes: Arapaho, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Cree, and Gros Ventre.
Notable Gear:
Clothing and personal items:
Bow and quiver case (see below) Coup stick (hickory)
Buckskin leather clothing: Hide shield [+1 to Dodge]
Coat (Duster style) Iron knife [2
Hat (Stetson style) Jewelry: gold necklace ($7.50) (2)
Gloves (pair) Jewelry: gold ring ($2.50) (3)
Moccasins Medicine bag
Shirt (2) Pouches (see below)
Trousers (2) Rucksack (see below)
$50.00 Federal
Traveler” – El cheapo Horse of Quality. Brave and used to cattle. Traveler has her own blanket, a Vaquero style saddle, and a set of saddlebags. She is currently quartered in Denver, Colorado.
Bow and quiver case Pouch: Canvas sack, small
Arrow (9) Candle (tallow) (10)
Bow with sacred Mother of Pearl inlay Flint and steel
Rucksack Pouch: Canvas sack, small
Apple (8) Fish hooks (bone or iron) (20)
Blanket (2) Fishing twine (150 yd.)
Book: "_Sketches New and Old_”
Book: “The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today Pouch: Canvas sack, small
Flute (wooden) Soap (1 lb.)
Honey (qt.)
Tooling kit (leather) Pouch: Sewing case
Leather jacketed vellum journal Leatherworking needle (2)
Medicine water (bottle of Kentucky bourbon) Thread (spool)
Pouch: Velvet bag, small
Knucklebones (6)
Presently empty.

Fate chose your miserable soul to combat the forces of darkness across the centuries. Your have lived in other lives and sometimes have flashbacks to them, and occasionally they’re helpful. Whenever you are out of Fate Chips and about to die, making an incredible (11) Spirit roll allows you to somehow survive the situation. This is often not without tragic consequences however. Perhaps a dear friend or loved one takes the bullet for you instead. Fate can be a cruel mistress.

2 Iron Knife; Defense: 1; Shots: 1; Speed: 2; RoF: 1; Damage: 4d4; Range: TN (5) is 5 yd., +1DC per 5 yd.

3 Composite Bow; Shots: 1; Speed: 2; RoF: 1; Damage: 1d6 + Strength; Range: TN (5) is 10 yd., +1DC per 10 yd.|


Redmark is a lanky youth with a physique born of ranch life. Overall, he is tall with a feathery mane of red hair and intense brown eyes. He dresses in leather and makes his own tools in accordance with the Old Ways. Boo is his near-constant companion, though she often naps in her own pouch.

Redmark claims to be from Texas, but joined our story by stealing away on Bill Oakes’ buckboard. He is half-Cheyenne, but understands English (as Texans speak it) perfectly well.

The image shown is that of Dakota from the Rock Cocks web-comic. So long as you are of age in your region and not at work, you can check them out at


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